Like every season, Brott launches its new spring-summer 2023 collection for the warmest time of the year following new trends and betting on unique prints that respect the environment. Brott Barcelona has its own method in which the latest fashion trends from international catwalks are analyzed to create the most trendy prints so that our dogs can enjoy walks in style.

In this spring-summer 2023 collection at Brott Barcelona, ​​we wanted to return to the brand's origins with prints inspired by the must-haves from international fashion catwalks. Brott's new SS23 walking accessory models transmit color and good vibes to show off with your faithful friend this season. Each piece of the new collection is designed and thought to set a trend during your summer walks.


New SS23 collection of dog collars to attract everyone's attention

The new models in the Brott Barcelona Texture range are made from recycled fabrics. A new line of dog accessories made from sustainable fabrics has been launched, including the new SS23 collection of dog collars, offering an ecological and responsible option for those looking to take care of their pets and the planet.

Sarria Texture

One of the trends that never leaves us and that marks this spring has undoubtedly been the polka dot print. The Textura Sarria dog collar and leash has a charming pale pink color with adorable blue polka dots that combines a classic trend that never goes out of style with a fresh and modern touch. This model is made with great care and delicacy.

Satuna Texture


The geometric design trend focuses on simplicity and involves mixing line shapes and colors for simplistic beauty with pink, orange and blue. With its eye-catching design and bold colors, the Textura Satuna dog collar stands out as a true fashion statement for your furry companion. Retro style from the 60s and 70s with light textures and geometric motifs, vibrant as ever!

Montroig Texture

The unique and bold design of the Textura Montroig combines a variety of bold patterns and colors that capture the essence of the Arty artistic movement. The Arty style is a colorful trend that introduces varied patterns and a bit of pop spirit in this dog collar model that is characterized by its energetic and fun colors. Long live the 80's!

Teia Texture


Flowers are inherent to the arrival of spring, but this year they do so in a more dramatic way. The Textura Teia dog collar and leash captures the beauty of nature with an exquisite design. Every detail of the floral print is meticulously designed to offer a vivid and authentic look. The most realistic floral reproductions decorate the dog collars, choosing colors between the abstract and the romantic.

Penelles Texture


The Textura Penelles dog collar and leash conveys the essence of street art with every step. Contemporary art with drawing elements in the form of “Graffiti” applied to a necklace, being an involuntary scribble by Brott. Starting from modern classics, a silhouette close to minimalism is pursued.

Trendy prints for modern dog collars

Brott Barcelona's modern dog collars are made by hand in its atelier in Barcelona with top quality materials. Taking maximum care of every detail with the main purpose of offering innovative canine products. In this way, the brand recovers, and also vindicates, the handmade culture that moves away from industrialization and is committed to the artisanal value of each product.

Brott Barcelona dog collars are designed to meet the needs of environmentally conscious humans who want to reduce their carbon footprint and make responsible purchasing choices. These new models of dog collars are not only ecological, but they are also safe and comfortable for our dog friends thanks to being designed with a lightweight aluminum closure that guarantees the safety and comfort of your faithful friend during your adventures.

Find the latest news in printed collars for dogs and choose the perfect print from the new SS23 collection to match and attract everyone's attention, polka dots, geometries, stripes, flowers or abstracts, what is your style? ❤