Like every year, 5% of our profits go to different animal protection associations through our "We love all them" project to help those who need it most in every way possible.

Brot & Nela adopted us a while ago and it is one of the best things that could have happened to us. All the moments and experiences that we have experienced and still have to go through are priceless, they are a constant inspiration and without them our lives would not have the same meaning.

This time, at Brott Barcelona we have contributed our grain of sand to Quissos.org , a non-profit entity that has a very clear mission, to help shelters and shelters throughout the country, thanks to the collaboration of individuals and companies that are those who provide the food and material and they are in charge of distributing it.

So that you can get to know Quissos.org better, we explain how it all started. Its beginnings date back to November 2010 when the idea of ​​helping a private animal shelter in the province of Barcelona was born. Thanks to making themselves known through social networks and their website , they started a community of volunteers and financial aid to cover the basic needs of those animals. Such was the success achieved, thanks to the response of its visitors and followers, that they decided to go further. They began to help more associations, shelters and shelters.


Quissos.org receives requests for help and help, and they are willing to find a solution to all possible cases. They fight daily to obtain food, medicines, antiparasites, cleaning materials, dressings, hygiene and accessories among other things, in order to be able to distribute them among different animal centers in our country. Also, through different systems, they try to get money to be able to finance their organization to buy food and medicine when necessary and other expenses involved in sending said donations to different parts of Spain.

Find out how you can help those who need it most by clicking here !