Suddenly that long-awaited day arrives. That moment when you pack your suitcase and go with your dog to enjoy what you have been waiting for so long, freedom. Freedom to do what you want, to take long walks with it and to breathe and feel that the stress of the city is left behind.

It's time to disconnect, grab your things and don't forget your Brott necklace . Live in the moment and enjoy this season full of bright colors and refreshing air. Because you wait so much for that moment when the sun shines and makes all the flowers grow that when you experience it you explode with happiness.

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FEEL THE FREEDOM is the new SS16 collection , and it is full of sophisticated yet daring nuances so that you can walk with your faithful dog friend through the city and everyone will turn as you pass.

One of the prints that is going strong is paisley or cashmere , originally from Persia, an ornamental floral motif in the shape of a drop, which would remind us of the leaves of an Indian fig tree or a mango. This trend can be seen reflected in the Aiguadolç Texture , with summer colors that awaken that desire for long walks with your dog at sunset.


On the other hand, the bohemian style is reinvented with ethnic touches in an absolutely irresistible mix. One of the most inspiring styles for a few seasons. All this can be seen in the Textura Barcelona dog collar, which has a naive, romantic and at the same time dreamy attitude but without being sappy. And this makes it something unique and at the same time easy to adapt to any situation.


Another print that cannot be missed is the floral one , the Textura Floresta dog collar will leave more than one speechless with its spring charm. With warm tones that transport us to the gardens of the Far East, it will be a #musthave to combine with your clothes. Because good weather is synonymous with covering the streets with flowers and bright colors!


Without a doubt, glitter appears to attract attention, leaving everyone who looks at it amazed. It is transmitted in shiny garments inspired by the 70s and with “disco” touches.

In the Salou Texture dog collar, its predominant color is silver, without a doubt one of the most trendy shades of the season, the inspiration is between astronaut and futurist with an absolutely glam result like a fashionista traveling to a space Odyssey.


And of course, one of the star prints that will leave its mark is the psychedelic one , already seen in previous seasons. Garments with this style are characterized by the use of bright colors in endless combinations, kaleidoscope patterns, spirals and the famous tye-dye .

This is the case of the Textura Lloret dog collar, which plays with a kaleidoscope print with vibrant and fun colors that are reminiscent of those more liberal 70's.


On the other hand, the trend that permeates the catwalks with its mix of geometric figures , stripes and polka dots , It appears in Brott with two soft and sophisticated tones, intense navy blue and pale pink, reminiscent of those sailor airs transmitted by the sea breeze.

The Textura Tamariu & Textura Canet style dog collars demonstrate that the oldest prints can be reinvented by coming together and giving a play of shapes that will not leave anyone unnoticed.

And for a perfect combination with your prints, we are expanding the SOLID collection with two new references, and we present you the Pantone colors of 2016. Solid Quartz and Solid Serenity .

Solid Serenity is reminiscent of the blue sky, a tone that conveys calm and placidity. Very versatile with your outfits and with a sophisticated and elegant but at the same time informal touch so that your dog feels like no one else walking through the streets of the city.


And Solid Quartz goes hand in hand, a soft and sensual color that transmits tenderness and the tranquility of spring. With a more feminine touch, it is ideal combined with the hair of your faithful four-legged friend as it exudes sophistication and invites us to relax with its spring floral touches.


Wake up your desire to go out and enjoy your dog and his new Brott Barcelona collar!

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