With the arrival of #spring everything changes color, our closets and those of our travel companions, too. The flowers bring out their brightest sparkles, the sun lets all surfaces shine, making the winter colors awaken and become pure joy.

This 2016 PANTONE offers us some very calm and tranquil colors to combine with more daring and cheerful prints.

“This season's colors take us to a happier, sunnier place where we feel free to more artfully express our true selves,” says Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute.

The clear protagonists are the color SERENITY & QUARTZ . These two tones invite serenity and calm that is sometimes needed with the daily cosmopolitan rhythm. And they are capable of creating trends, resulting in clear #musthaves on the catwalks.


We have always wanted to show that dog fashion also goes hand in hand with trends and this spring we go ahead to present to you, before the new Textura SS16 collection , the two Solids that will succeed with your most #trendy looks.


On the one hand, we present you Solid Serenity , which is reminiscent of the blue sky, a tone that transmits calm and placidity. Very versatile with your outfits and with a sophisticated and elegant but at the same time informal touch so that your dog feels like no one else walking through the streets of the city.


And on the other hand, Solid Quartz appears, a soft and sensual color that transmits tenderness and the tranquility of spring. With a more feminine touch, it is ideal combined with the hair of your faithful four-legged friend as it exudes sophistication and invites us to relax with its spring floral touches.


Both colors are perfect to combine with your most casual and at the same time informal clothes to walk with them on a warm afternoon and feel comfortable with what you are both wearing.

Get the trendy colors here and start enjoying the colors of spring before anyone else!