What is love? What does it feel like when you are in love? What feelings hidden inside you suddenly arise as if there were no tomorrow? That magic that you can't avoid, that endless tingle, or that goosebumps when you least expect it.

Santos Román has perfectly captured the love that Brot & Nela have for each other. If they make us melt!

Don't stop showing your love to the one you love most every day, one after the other. And when Valentine's Day approaches, that special day, show a thousand times more that your love is the purest thing you feel towards your loved ones.


We love to shout from the rooftops that we are in love with Nela & Brot because they are everything to us. And since they never cease to inspire us, we want to dedicate a Limited Edition for Valentine's Day to them. And they are pure dog love! Sometimes some may think they are a little shy but when it comes to giving, they certainly give it their all.


That's why we thought that if we love them more than anyone else in the world, surely you're also crazy about their dog bones. So, why not show your love by gifting your dog the limited edition BLove necklace ?

Romeo & Gara , another gorgeous couple, is already showing off their limited edition outfits around the city combined with the Solid Red dog collar .


Let everyone know that you love them more than anyone! Let yourself be seduced by the sweetest and most tender print that exists. In addition, you will be one of the lucky ones to have one of Brott 's most exclusive pieces since they will be limited units .

And if you want your faithful friend to be even happier, tell him that with the Brott collar he is wearing, he will be helping the animals most in need, because we donate 5% of our profits to protective associations .

Give the gift of happiness, passion and a lot of love with the new BLove limited edition necklace and your faithful dog friend will give you all his heart.