End of January, how crazy! The months fly by and... you still don't have your calendar on your desk? We help you start the year doing a good cause.

We want to share with you different solidarity calendars for the dogs who need it most. We love knowing that there are people who collaborate, without profit, so that they can receive that help that they need so much!

These solidarity calendars , all of them created to help protective associations so that their animals live better while they wait for a home full of love and happiness.

We have collaborated with Animal Home , a protective association from Barcelona that has had the pleasure of being able to collaborate with the Badalona Dracs American football team. All photos have been taken with team players and Animal Home animals. Thanks to Ariadna Creus from Els Magnífics there are some great photos. If you want to help them click here .


Cuarenta Patas , is another solidarity calendar in which twelve illustrators and a designer participated. Through Verkami they collected more than what they asked for so they could donate it to different animal associations in Granada. You can see how pretty it turned out by clicking here .


But they have not been the only ones, from New York the animal rescue group Louise's Legacy Animal Group has made a charity calendar of models posing with rescued dogs. Thanks to the collaboration of celebrity photographer Mike Ruiz, there were some fabulous photos. Do you want to see the great dog and human models? Well you are just one click away!


And what do you think of the great proposal from the El Refugio association? They put together photos of their travel companions when they were younger and by clicking here you will see how they have grown up together!


On the other hand, abandoned animals have found the best team to protect and help them, the Association of Solidarity Firefighters of Cáceres . Its professionals have not hesitated to respond to the request of the San Jorge Shelter and have posed in the company of dogs and cats in order to give life to a very original and endearing calendar , the work of photographer Roberto Ríos . If you want to know more, go here .


All these proposals are a great collaborative gesture so that the animals that need it most get a little big help. Because no matter the place or the time, what moves the world is a strong mutual feeling that unites people to help them.

In a few days you will discover where 5% of our profits will go. Because as you already know, all Brott Barcelona products have a beneficial part. We always actively support protective associations since we believe that animals deserve this and much more because they give everything without asking for anything in return.

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