They say that the spiritual mission of dogs is to protect us , that they are four-legged angels with the task of taking care of us. They help us balance our lives, cope with sad days and heal our wounds faster. They can be considered emotional therapists , which is why their presence is increasingly recommended in therapies and hospitals.

We at Brott couldn't agree more that they protect us!

Energetic, calm, shy, sociable, unruly, fearful... all animals have their own personality. Peace, strength and vitality are innate energies in them and, only with their company, they manage to transmit them to us and manage to change a regular day for us into a great one.
As companions of our furry friends, we also care about protecting them. We do this by giving them the best food, taking them to their medical check-ups, offering them the best bed and giving them all the love they deserve.

But… how can they receive positive energy?

With the new Collection of dog collars with Gems!

Our latest collaboration is closely linked with Mukhas , whose Gem Collection has inspired us to design the first handmade necklaces based on natural Gems and waxed cotton, all made in an artisan workshop in Bali.
In this blog we bring you the first Collection of three essences so that you can know the Gems that we have chosen together with Mukhas to design these wonderful dog collars made of natural Gems, we are sure that they will become the most trendy option for your dog!

Take a look at the different combinations!
You will find the three Essences in sizes XS, S, M and L

Discover our dog collars with natural gems from Brott Barcelona

Dog collar with natural gem: Harmony-Peace Essence

This is the essence you need if your faithful friend is an earthquake ! It will help him have a much more relaxed and calm energy, and he will also be able to show off an outfit that will look perfect with his fur!

  • Smoky quartz. With it, your friend will receive relaxing energy, reconnection and stability . Helps relieve fears and anxiety.
  • Amazonite. It offers calm and harmonizes the system.
  • Amethyst. It provides calm, relaxation, tranquility , peace and balance .

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Dog collar with natural gem: Confidence-Vitality Essence

There are more or less active dogs, but some breeds tend to be more distrustful than others. If you want your dog to have a more vital, stable and harmonious energy, this is the dog collar with natural Gems that it should wear!

  • Cornelian. Protects from negativity, restores motivation and vitality .

  • Green aventurine. Symbolizes stability , well-being and prosperity

  • Blue agate. It provides balance , harmony and is connected with trust and emotions.

Dog collar with natural gem: Strength-Protection Essence

If there is an energy that we want to transmit to our furry friends , it is protection. We want them to feel safe by our side, so this Collection could not miss these three Gems that will provide the security and support they deserve.

And look how pretty it will look in combination with your own accessories!

  • Tiger's Eye. This is the gem of protection and correct use of energy.

  • Onyx. The stone of strength , transforms energies.

  • Fire agate. Provides security and protection.

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Direct collaboration with the Saving Angels Without Wings Association

At Brott Barcelona and Mukhas we are very aware of animal abandonment, which is why we will donate 10% of the profits received to the Saving Angels Without Wings Association .

We take this opportunity to remind you not to abandon your dog, because he would never do it!

Get our necklaces in the size you need and offer harmony , peace, confidence, vitality, strength and protection to your faithful friend.

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