This October we launched a new collection of Rebellious dog collars , the latest in designer dog collars with which you will be able to keep your furry companion up to date in... practically all trends!

Yes, yes, as you read it! At Brott Barcelona we love to follow fashion to be able to add color to walks with our dogs, which is why we manufacture accessories from our local workshop following the most trendy and current trends on international catwalks.

Which makes us one of the reference brands for many fashion editorials!

Our rebellion to offer the best for all dogs, from collars for small dogs to large dogs, means that we have shaken up the dog industry since 2010, ensuring that the old school is modernized and that every day more original dog collars are offered in the market. market, luckily!

Our way of living life with a dog means that we dare to play with different styles, mix materials and transform canine accessories into authentic outfits for you and your best friend. Brott is not a necklace, it's an attitude!

For our new Rebellious collection we have been inspired by different styles that sweep the catwalks around the world, we want to achieve the perfect match between you and your dog. The main purpose is to offer innovative canine products that not all stores have: a dog collar that adapts to the lifestyle of the whole family.

Because at Brott we wear attitudes.

Keep reading to learn more about our trendy dog ​​collars and choose the one you like the most today because you already have them available!

Dear velvet
The texture that sets the trend every year is velvet. Our Buseu Texture velvet necklace will be a trend this winter thanks to its water effect that will not leave anyone indifferent.

Break the corduroy!
If corduroy is back in your closet this fall, then dress your dog with our Granadella Texture collar to walk along with the season's trend! Fuchsia will also add elegance and sophistication to your coat!

tartan fever
Tartan fabric in any color and garment is the star of every outfit. Imagine if there was a collar for your dog that was checkered and had a texture as characteristic as tartan! We have it! Our Masella Texture collar will add more personality to your dog's style!

For the wildest
If there is a print that never goes out of style, it is the animal print. If you are looking for a striking result, dare with the bright red color of the Conesa Texture print, it will raise passions!

A whole classic
For our collection we have also thought about cashmere lovers! Discover the bohemian and exotic print of our Textura Canalda paisley collar that will give your dog a more traditional touch.

Rhombuses are the order of the day
We love geometric prints! With the Textura Queralbs rhombus necklace in red and blue tones, your furry companion will not go unnoticed!

And this is just the beginning…

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