Yoga is a relaxing and positive activity known throughout the world, but what is more innovative is practicing #doga , that is, yoga with your faithful four-legged friend.

Yoga for dogs is becoming a trend, one of its pioneers was Suzi Teitleman in 2001, a Yoga teacher in Florida. She watched her pets imitate her during their daily exercises, discovered that they benefited as much as she did, and decided to create "Yogga Doggie Style."

So that this does not surprise you so much, we explain what Doga consists of. It is about practicing an adapted Yoga session in the company of your best friend interacting with you. When practicing Yoga for dogs we should not limit our breathing, balance nor should we vary the pace of exercise. But it is also true that it will not be the same activity if we practice it with a Great Dane or a Chihuahua.


The best of all is that they are all benefits, this oriental practice helps you reduce symptoms such as hypersensitivity , depression , anxiety , stress , certain phobias , even hyperactivity .

If you want to start putting it into practice it is very easy, find the corner of the house where you are most relaxed, set it with soft music and prepare your mat. Since it will be something new for him, you can invite him to relax next to you and start creating physical contact with him. Don't complicate yourself with uncomfortable positions, the important thing is to create a moment of silence and tranquility so that harmony is created and you relax as much as possible. Once you adapt to your rhythms, you will surely be able to start more complex routines so that your well-being is even greater.


Don't worry if they don't show the slightest interest in Yoga , it is not always possible for you to be involved at all times. However, if you see that he is curious and comes closer while you practice it and even tries to imitate you in certain positions, you already have many points earned. Because? Well, because they are wise, and that means that it is bringing them benefits by enjoying you doing #doga .


Kiah and her human Laura Browing are a clear example of rapport , in this case she is a Pilates teacher and there is no class that her Weimaraner misses! We with Brot & Nela have it a little complicated because they will surely fall asleep with so much relaxation , but we encourage you to try it with your dog and tell us about your experience. Who knows, maybe this trend will gain so much strength that very soon we will follow the example of the US or London and go to #doga classes!


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