Currently, Instagram is one of the most used social networks in the world due to its ease and visual impact. You can find accounts where you immerse yourself in travel experiences, exquisite meals for sybaritic lovers or discover the best outfits from fashion bloggers. But today we dedicate this post to some of the most brutal Instagrammers on Instagram .

Starting with Pumpkin the Racoon because it is simply amazing. Her family adopted her when she was a baby, they found her badly injured and she was willing to give and receive love from day one. The funniest thing is that at no time does she imagine that she is not a dog (don't tell her but she is a raccoon). His dog brothers, Toffee and Oreo are his adventure companions and the three of them have a great time together. If you want to have a good time watching his antics check out his Instagram account, we love it!


Focusing on fashion, Neville Jacobs is the it-dog par excellence. His human, Marc Jacobs , the renowned designer, takes him everywhere and they share fashion and fun every day. Yes, whoever has style has it, period. It is true that being Marc Jacobs ' faithful friend has helped him become a celebrity. Not only is he a luxury Instagrammer but he also has a book dedicated to him and is the protagonist of a New York Times video where his life is portrayed.


Surely you are also familiar with having seen a shiba inu dressed like a gallant on social media. This is Bodhi , his two humans, also designers, decided to add color to a boring day and dressed their dog as a person. It generated such a stir that they dedicated an Instagram and Facebook account to him, @mensweardog . And they not only dress it elegantly but also inspire the male public to choose very original outfits.


Dog fashion aside, we turn to Maddie 's travels and experiences. His Instagram account has more than a million followers and his photos give off that special thing that we would all like to feel. His human, Theron Humphrey , photographer and creator of @thiswildidea , shares all his adventures translating them into spectacular photos.


And finally, we want to show you the best selfies and portrait photos from @Jermzlee . This pug is the real deal! Jeremy Veach , his human, began taking photos of Norm in different poses and costumes. This fun dog has a thousand faces and that is what makes it special because there are already more than 300,000 fans on Instagram .


Did you know them? They have us amazed, but surely you follow many others who have fun too. We'll love reading your comments and discovering new awesome Instagrammers to enjoy with you!

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