The models from Brott Barcelona 's new FW1617 collection are giving a lot to talk about. You know why? Because all dogs ask with their never-ever-broken-a-plate look that they want it to go out in the park or walk like a blogger through the streets of the city.

Things are changing and your dog knows it. Before going out, you look in the mirror, check that everything is in perfect harmony, and grab your Brott collar and leash to get that mix&match that makes you both feel special, with the same style.

Today's post is dedicated to geometry lovers, and we are not referring to mathematics. These are the geometric prints that are triumphing this fall. Already present in previous and original seasons from the sixties, now they come with such force that the designs are an explosion of color for your eyes.

Psychedelic motifs are present in all types of accessories and clothing, and Brott uses subtlety and good taste so that your faithful friend can look just like you.

Specifically, there are three Texture models that faithfully represent it. The first model is the Textura Ur , an earthquake of sensations in perfect fusion with a palette of bright and dark colors. Generating those straight and well-defined blocks giving a result of figures in perfect harmony. And the geometric contrast is achieved through colors, and this season is not going to be boring at all because the bright colors of summer resist and do not disappear.


The second model is the Textura Pau , with a hipster touch and blue and white tones, with its delicate and perfect geometry to give an elegant yet casual touch.


And the third model is the Textura Er , the same as the design of the Textura Ur but with a totally different color contrast. with reddish tones that give off a lot of strength and play with blacks to give that sensation of three-dimensionality . With an urban and carefree appearance but setting the trend and bringing out its most daring side, you will undoubtedly turn to look again to see how well the collar and leash look on that passenger dog. And you'll think, why doesn't my dog ​​have his Brott yet?


But don't worry because it's all good news since the models from the new Brott Barcelona FW1617 collection are now available on the web !

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