Have you wondered what would happen if you decided to change your lifestyle and get out of your routine to go on an adventure with your faithful four-legged friend?

We live in a world where sometimes small moments are not valued due to lack of time or pace of life. But what would happen if we left everything behind and disappeared with our furry friends?

And all you need is to put your mind to it and have a little imagination to make your dream a reality. To encourage you to think and let your mind fly to fill it with imagination, we present to you a very happy couple enjoying themselves with their dog in a school bus fully adapted to be their home. The project is called Expedition Happiness.


Felix , a film director, and Mogli , a musician, decided to leave their home in Berlin to look for a new destination. But instead of moving to another city, they both looked for a way to keep their lives in constant change and movement and have already traveled more than 19,000 km in an old school bus. If you want to know how it all started, click here .

Another story full of adventure is that of Pablo and his best friend Hippie . He left everything and took his bicycle in dog company. They have been pedaling since 2010 to raise funds and raise awareness about different causes. If you want to know more about them and all the countries visited, click on the image!


And there it goes, another adventure without any boredom. Mallory Paige and her Labrador Baylor never thought that riding a motorcycle would be complicated. With a sidecar they have already traveled many miles through the United States with the idea of ​​teaching people, a great adventure that is the best way they have found to learn and grow, inspiring young, old, men and women to find their motivation, to be happy, seek their adventure and fight for it.


After meeting these dog adventurers with many anecdotes shared between them, aren't you curious? Would you be able to leave everything and start from scratch to live intense and spontaneous moments?

We would love to know what has gone through your mind imagining a world full of adventures with your dog and do not hesitate to share it with us!