We are very happy to share this year's donation with you once again. In case you didn't know, since our beginnings we have had a solidarity project called “We love all them” in our hands, through which we actively participate with different animal protection associations to which we donate 5% of the profits .

This time Galgos en familia de Málaga has been chosen. It is a shelter that currently receives the support of several volunteers and thanks to the team of people involved, it has made the continuity of this great project possible. It all started in 2008, when Vera Thorenaar began her immersion in the difficult situation of the hunting greyhound in Spain, and contacted a Dutch association that processed adoptions of abandoned greyhounds.

Little by little it became a shelter, providing for the recovery of the greyhounds, until the shelter was founded in 2010. She, along with her family, made possible what is now Galgos en familia , and thanks to the help of several volunteers, the greyhounds can recover properly and have the opportunity to live with someone who really takes care of them like kings because they They deserve everything and more.

This year we would like you to also get involved with this association. It would be incredible if the greyhounds that have participated in this campaign were adopted by people who can really offer them a better life, loving them until the end of their days. We, like every year, have provided financial aid and have also donated collars and leashes so that when they are adopted they will be authentic #brottlovers.

But what really matters is that these furry people who want to love you and take over (just a little) your sofa can have another chance. Therefore, with the help of photographer Abla Kadiri , who has taken some impressive photos, we will actively promote their adoptions. Because this gesture is necessary and they are eager to conquer your heart to fill you with life.


We present to you Atenea , a fighter, like many, wanting to receive all the love she deserves. Do you want to adopt her? It is as easy as contacting Galgos as a family through email


What do you think of beautiful Melody ? Impossible more tender. She has already experienced enough suffering to start having another chance, and it is in your hands to spread it. If you would like to be part of his life, send an email to


And how nice is Morris ? This handsome guy doesn't need words, his smile says it all. Adopting him would mean doggy smiles every day, would you like that? Well, send your request to


Pepe 's irresistible look melts us! He reminds us of Brot when we adopted him, they are all impressively handsome. Who could help but fall in love with her charms? You can adopt him by sending a message to


Here you have the elegant Melissa , her experience is seen in her cautious and calm look. She is beautiful and deserves another chance. It is in your hands to spread the word about its possible adoption! If you or someone around you would like to adopt her, you just have to send an email to


And the curious Yaco ? It's as pure as its shiny black fur, and how pretty it is. If you want it to change your life, adopt it! Write an email to

If all of them are adopted it will be a great success. They will conquer the hearts of new homes, with people who will love them like no one else and happiness will be assured. Little by little, we humans must become aware of everything that happens in Spain with these animals and any gesture to avoid it, no matter how small, is necessary.

If you are directly or indirectly interested in adopting one of them, you only have to contact the Galgos en familia protector by entering , sending an email to the following address:, or also spread the word this post so that it reaches more people who want to help them.

On the other hand, these photos are spectacular, but there are many more in the post that Abla Kadiri also shares talking about Brott 's donation and her collaboration as a photographer. You want to see them? You are just one click away!