The day comes when you decide to expand your family, you already have more than thought about it. You fall in love with everyone, but there he is, he catches your attention, he looks at you timidly, you approach him, he comes to you little by little, he raises his snout and tilts it in the air... instantly you fall in love.

You have been practicing basic tricks that you have learned to educate him for days, you are very clear that he is not going to climb on the couch, nor that he is going to sleep with you in bed. And you have bought him, with all the enthusiasm in the world, his first toys and his bed.


Days go by and you see that your relationship with him begins to have a connection that only you and he are capable of understanding. There begins to be that paternal or maternal love, you are not yet aware but it has already completely charmed you.

You are very clear that he has his food and no putting his paws up your lap to see if a reward falls. And suddenly, one day he stays at his grandparents' house and learns very quickly about being spoiled under the table. And everything changes, it seems that he doesn't remember the rules at home, and why deny it, you, like who doesn't want it, become a little more tender and something falls from time to time. The best of all is that you finally see yourself making him homemade cookies, while he wags his tail and you whisper: - Yes, this is for you.


When the weekend arrives, the ideal time to watch a favorite movie or series, he sneaks up on you, you look at him out of the corner of your eye (and he knows it). At first it's just a leg, and then, accidentally, it takes over your corner. The best of all is that you prefer to be on the end of the sofa while you watch him freely enjoying his new throne conquered (forever).


And what to say about Sunday? That day when you like to spend a little more time in bed... but for him, you are able to get up early and take advantage of the day walking around the city or the countryside, you change your routines to adapt to him because his happiness is a priority. Yes, admit it, you are even capable of ending your nights out earlier so as not to leave him alone at home for so many hours.

And when the time comes to think about vacations? Of course he is included in the adventure and no one should think about not thinking about him. You had never imagined that there would be so many dog-friendly places, and you love the idea of ​​sharing a good car trip in the best dog company.


Whenever you can, you take him everywhere, to have a drink with friends, shopping, to do some errand or other, and when you see him with that look of pity, that shy little tail, wow, you don't dare to close the door without further ado. Among your books, you always leaf through the SrPerro guide to discover new corners of your city and be in good company!


Well, what happens when you pass by the store (which of course he recognizes from the prizes that fall from the sky)? There is always a whim to buy, don't deny it. Whether it's for Christmas, to celebrate his birthday, or because it's Friday and you're happier than a partridge because you can share more moments with him, there's never a bad time to spoil him (just a little).

Not to mention your social media, could it be that he appears more than your friends or family? And to top it all off, you've probably made him an Instagram account where he puts together his monologues with his daily adventures, apart from being the protagonist in Stories!


Admit it, he's one of your family !

We realized that we had #dogchildren when we saw that we were able to talk to them normally, even asking them questions! Because of course, they listen to us carefully.

Is everything you've read familiar to you? Feel free to leave a comment. We'd love to hear some doggy anecdotes!